About US

PT. SEKAR Surya Mandiri was founded in 2016 with the goal of becoming a prominent medical device supplier company in the medical equipment industries. The company is also a member of the Indonesian Medical and Laboratory Equipment Company Organizations Association known as GAKESLAB.

PT. SEKAR Surya Mandiri is a national private business headquartered in Bumi Serpong Damai City Business District, Tangerang. The company works in the medical equipment industry, supplying medical equipment to government hospitals, clinics, and private hospitals, as well as planning, procurement, installation, and maintenance.



Customer satisfaction and confidence, principal loyalty and belief, and the ability to develop harmony and synergy between the company's internal staff and customers are all indicators of success in business development.

The choice is believed to be able to face any challenge that occurs, both internally and externally.On this occasion, we would like to convey our heartfelt appreciation to our devoted customers who use our products and services, as well as the principals who continuously lend their credibility and support to our company via their excellent products.

Once again, we express our sincere gratitude and admiration for your commitment and faith in us. Best Regards,

Ir. John Indra Moestafa

Founder CEO of PT. SEKAR Surya Mandiri


The vision of PT. SEKAR Surya Mandiri is to be the industry's leading medical device provider, providing customers with cutting-edge technology medical equipment.


The mission of PT. SEKAR Surya Mandiri is to provide high-quality medical products and services, as well as to reach a high degree of customer satisfaction by developing the excellence of our products and services.



Honesty, integrity, and professionalism
Hard work, dedication, and consistency
Family, friendships, and commitment
Customers’ ultimate satisfaction



To provide high-quality products
To create and cultivate long-term relationships with clients
To always achieve our clients desire of excellence
To give immediate respond to our clients’ requests
To always improve the excellency of our products and services continuously
To be valued providers to all our customers
To achieve complete customer satisfaction
To maintain professional relationships with our dedicated clients and users by encouraging ongoing communication to achieve the highest standard of performance.